1. B&Bs are more expensive and are for old people, Right?

Nope. If you were to compare our rates with hotels, and then add in the cost of breakfast and other things we provide free that hotels charge your for (sodas, WiFi, snacks, water, parking) you’ll find we’re actually a significantly better value. As for age, traditionally the age of guests is between 40-60. However, with local diving, shopping and outdoor activities, the average age in Grady House expands greatly.

2. Is there privacy?

At Grady house, there are two dining rooms, a large living room and many nooks and crannies to find privacy. Every room and suite is private. In addition, there are large front porches on both homes with over 15 different sitting areas for couples and groups in the garden, koi pond and gazebo area.

We encourage you to interact with other guests or us, it’s great fun. If you are seeking a private romantic weekend for just the two of you, you can have that too. It is your call.

3. Must I let the host know every time I come and go?

Every entry door at Grady House has a coded lock. We will give you the code when you arrive, so you can come and go as you please. We will also give you the keys to your room that has door and dead bolt locks.

4. Do I have to share a bathroom with everyone else?

No. This was the most common bed and breakfast question people had before their first stay. Each room has its own on suite bath and shower.

5. Does it smell, look or feel like grandma’s house there?

Nope. We dare you to beat the smell of Sara’s cooking and the fresh air!  We have all the current amenities. Moreover, we even have Wi-Fi!

6. Do I have to eat with strangers?

Not at all. Some people love meeting new people. Others want to dine by themselves and stare lovingly in their partner’s eyes as they enjoy Sara’s French Toast. Please alert us if you have any questions about the breakfast seating  

After that, feel free to dine in one of our 2 large dining rooms, sit by yourself and watch the birds put on a show in our garden, or sit with someone else and share adventurous stories of the springs and caves.

In the afternoon, sip a cold brew from High Springs Brewery or enjoy a glass of wine!

7. What if I don’t like the breakfast that is prepared or They can’t accommodate my dietary needs.

This is a common concern. We always ask guests when reserving a room about dietary allergies or needs. We accommodate diets such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, diabetic, lactose-intolerant, and more. If whatever we have on the menu is not your thing, we are always happy to whip up a tasty alternative.

8. How do I know which is common space and which is private?

Besides your bedroom, we provide plenty of common space. We will give you a short tour upon your arrival, pointing out space available to all guests. You will find games or books to enjoy while you are here as well. Outdoor porches, koi ponds and gardens are available for you to relax or stroll.

9. Is there a particular check-in time?

Check-in is after 4:00 PM. Check-out is 11:00 AM. Unfortunately, we do not guarantee any early check-ins, but if you call ahead, the office will be happy to lock away your belongings if you wish to drop them off early. 

10.  Do I ring the doorbell or walk right in when I arrive?

Yes, coded locks are on the doors for security purposes. We will be looking out for you and can’t wait to greet you to tour Grady House and your beautiful accommodations during your stay. Sara and I look forward to learning more about you and create that unique experience you are looking for!

11. Does Grady House Bed and Breakfast offer wheelchair accessible rooms?

Unfortunately, no. We have ground floor accommodations; however, they do have small steps that must be maneuvered. As with most B&B’s, due to the age of the home, we cannot meet that need at this time. However, please reach out to us for any clarity you may need.

12. Should I tip?

Grady House is proud to shine a light on the excellent behind-the-scenes work our teams do day in and day out that make your experience the best. We encourage direct gratuity to our employees to let them know what they do that made your stay special. We do have a gratuity box located in the gift shop with envelopes in the rooms that allows for the process to be discreet, if desired.  

13. How do I check out when it is time to depart?

Please let us know when you plan to check out. We would like to thank you for staying with us and will need to prepare for the next guest and adventure! Let us know verbally or through our questionnaire. Trust that we will miss you even before you leave us!

14. Who is “Skeet” and what is Skeets cottage?

Grady House Bed and Breakfast encompasses two homes. The main house (Grady House), built in 1917, and The Easterlin House, built in 1896 are both beautiful, historically significant buildings in this former railroad town. The Grady House is a craftsman-style building which served as a boarding house for railroad supervisors.

The Easterlin House, which is Victorian style, was the childhood and lifelong home of Juanita “Skeet” Easterlin, the first female mayor of High Springs back in the 1950’s. Skeet’s candidacy for a second term was thwarted after she was arrested and served time in prison for running a moonshine ring, which was busted in a big splash of law enforcement power by the FBI.

Commonly called Skeets Cottage, The Easterlin House has a kitchen, parlor, small dining area, and sitting room with one bathroom on the first floor. Two bedrooms are on the second floor. This accommodation is suitable for friends traveling together, families, or a girls weekend. You will enjoy hearing the stories about Skeet and visit her memorial in the gardens!