We are pleased to welcome your four-legged traveling companion! We thank you both for staying with us. While this is a pet-friendly property, it is our responsibility to ensure that all guest receive consideration when pets are in the house. We have established a few policies and guidelines to keep all our guests happy and pleased with our services.

Pets are accepted overnight exclusively in The Easterlin Cottage. The rooms in Grady House are not pet-friendly. Please do not bring your pet to breakfast in the main dining room.

If you leave your pet alone in your cottage, please make sure that they do not have separation anxiety. We will check for damage after your departure, and you will be charged for any damage caused by your pet.

Pets should be on a leash at all times when they are on our property and placed in a kennel when left alone.

Clean up after your pet. We have plastic bags for your use. There are black trash cans with lids located throughout the yard for disposal.

If you forgot your pets’ dishes, let us know and we will loan you a set. Do not use our dishes for your pet to eat and drink out of.

If your pet is used to being on furniture, please monitor them to not climb. Much of our furniture is antique and may be irreplaceable.

If your pet is used to sleeping in bed with you, please refrain from this while on property. Much of our bedding requires dry cleaning.

We will not service your cottage if you leave your pet alone in the cottage. If you want your cottage serviced, please let us know what time you will be taking your pet with you. We service the cottages between 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.